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XTRA 015

There are emblematic characters of an era, a genre, or a space. The same goes for objects. Objects that are and will go down in history. Some of these remain timeless in their original shape, others are redesigned, enhancing the past but projected into the future. These objects are the so-called icons, which will live forever. Let’s think of the Arco lamp designed by the Castiglioni brothers for Flos in the 1960s: one of the best known classic pieces, sold and imitated in the history of design. An iconic object has to be artful, as Arco – just think that, like a chandelier, it is able to illuminate exactly the part you want without making holes in the ceiling comfortably moving its base, despite it’s made out from marble and weights more or less 65 kg, thanks to a hole inside which you can fit a stick ‘like a broomstick’. Iconic are also Fendi’s, Prada’s, Gucci’s, Giorgio Armani’s and Dolce & Gabbana’s clothes and accessories, flagship of Italian fashion, which we wanted to celebrate in our pages together with the timeless object that has now become the bag. Redesigned and now coming in various colors, materials and sizes, it goes beyond the concept of season and is worn like a jewel. A dream still alive and which is destined not to die is the Ferrari Monza SP1 single-seater that for the third time won the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for industrial design. However, only Ferrari’s top clients can turn this dream into reality: in fact, it can only be purchased on request by 500 super customers. Maurizio Galimberti’s mosaic works contain the essence and ‘the whispers of endless secrets’ of the timeless idols of our history, including magistrates, popes, actresses, activists, musicians. And also the beauty of Tuscany has no end, interpreted by the photographs of another artist, Massimo Sestini. Territory of the Renaissance, this region that has continued to feed souls for centuries and centuries, is narrated in an original way, with images taken at an altitude of 2000 feet. For our cover we chose again an artistic photograph taken from the Born in Italy exhibition which has the Mediterranean countryside as a background to promote 2.0 agriculture of ancient native seeds and biodiversity. Here the Italian excellences represented by design, food, art, and fashion with Roberto Capucci’s architectural clothes as key players, dialogue and stimulate attention, through Toni Campo’s works, to a great Italian richness: citrus groves, olive trees, almond trees, carob trees, pure symbols of the Italian spirit. Icons are ‘extra-ordinary’ objects.

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