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L”Astemia Pentita

A pop winery

In recent years, several architects have ventured into the design of wineries on the beautiful wine-growing hills in Italy. The beauty of a natural landscape has thus been enriched by architectures immersed in a magnificent landscape, and become an integral part of it.
One of these, which is certainly worth a visit, is L”Astemia Pentita, a hillside winery located in Barolo, in the Langhe region of Italy, in an area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The winery was the idea of Sandra Vezza, an entrepreneur also known for relaunching the Italian company Gufram, a cornerstone of made-in-Italy design.

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Designed by architect Gianni Arnaudo, L”Astemia Pentita is an architecture inspired by winemaking. In fact, the exterior consists of two remarkably compact volumes, reminiscent of two large wine crates, a significant “talking architecture.” The visible part of the architecture houses the part open to the public and intended for tasting. Production, aging, bottling, and logistics are in the basement, in the invisible portion, to respect the landscape and not take land away from grape cultivation.
In fact, the winery owns 30 hectares of vineyards, allowing L”Astemia Pentita to produce 15 wine labels, from Barolo D.O.C.G. Cannubi to Barolo D.O.C.G. Terlo.
Tasting wine at L”Astemia Pentita is also an experience in made-in-Italy design, thanks to the pop decor. In addition to the colors of the interior design, the furniture includes several pieces, made in Italy milestones. A 360-degree experience for the senses.

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