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Barabubbles world

When Art calls, one cannot help but answer. This is what happened to Isabella Mandelli, former CEO of an American multinational company in the medical sector who, at a certain point in her life, stopped to listen to herself. From this listening and her deepest desires came the need to devote herself completely to Art.

An eco-social artist and Life Skills Trainer, Isabella Mandelli moves in the Italian and international scene with innate grace, respecting times, places and people. Isabella Mandelli’s proposal is a Perform Art that is an experiential break between building and training through artistic-pictorial workshops, based on managerial skills developed in years of career, combined with artistic talent, and aims to foster the understanding and acceptance of diversity and of the other. From the tip of the brush of this dreamy artist, the Barabubbles come to life with lightness: a whole population of dreamy characters, floating in an enchanted and harmonious world, including Barabà, Oco, Finolu, Boda, characterized by a distinct and sparkling personality based on Jung’s psychological studies. The year 2024 is really important for the artist as a series of special activities has been scheduled, including the presentation of her latest book, Barabubbles Mandala, the collaboration with the Helmo brand for the official launch of the first Barabubbles helmet, the partnership with AMA (Accademia Musicale Amadeus), a theater-musical show, and her first anthological solo exhibition.

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