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Buccellati Cut Diamond Collection

Unparalleled beauty

The prestigious house founded by Mario Buccellati has over a century of history. It has conquered the world with its precious high-jewelry creations characterized by a style that is still unique, unmistakable, in which skillful working techniques that draw on ancient goldsmithing arts – from ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance – are blended with a regal, elegant and harmonious design achieved through the balance of geometric proportions and decorations. Buccellati’s hallmarks are the splendid lace, tulle or honeycomb processing, admirably executed through ancient artisanal fretwork, engraving, and chiseling techniques; the woven texture achieved by hand-punching; the fascinating combinations of white gold and yellow gold; and the use of extremely precious rare stones.

The first creations designed and made by Mario Buccellati preserve their sumptuous timeless beauty, so much so that the designs from the historical archive continue to inspire the new collections made in the continuity of a style embodying elegance, grace and femininity.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the house, Buccellati has created a new diamond cut in collaboration with Taché Diamonds. The Buccellati cut was obtained after extensive studies and research on optimizing light in order to achieve maximum brilliance and shine. As a result, the Buccellati-cut diamond and its facets give off a special light and their beauty is unparalleled. The stunning Buccellati Diamond Cut collection is embellished with the new diamond. The shape of the Buccellati-cut diamond consists of 57 facets in each of which the others are mirrored. Every angle of these facets must meet a very strict percentage ratio to optimize the light. Buccellati reports that the GIA – Gemological Institution of America – has recognized the beauty of this diamond and compared it to a flower, as well as certified it according to the global standards used to describe diamonds.

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