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As never before, today we look for a sort of balance between physical and spiritual forces. After global risks we have run, we don’t want to survive anymore, we want to live! Let’s talk about wellness, the authentic one, the deep one, which does not depend on your lifestyle or on the benefits we can enjoy, or the luxury on which we can linger. It’s all up to us. To our body, our mind and our relationship with things and people surrounding us. Homo Faber, an event that has just taken place in Venice and of which XTRA was partner, is dedicated to high craftsmanship and aims to preserve the talent able to create objects that make our lives more beautiful and represent the most human side of creativity. This element has allowed us to collect exciting stories, which show how manual work helps to feel good: making us stay to memories, to believe in yourself, to calm the mind, to make sense. This can be done by a craftsman producing an object, as well as a chef creating a dish or a fashion designer using a sustainable raw material, as well as enjoying a non-alcoholic drink or using an appliance or a luminous object in your apartment that has been designed specifically for our health, both physical and mental. Enjoy the reading

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