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Kartell Eyewear

Design has a new vision

From Kartell, the new Eyewear collection. A new project, with a new accessory highlighting the brand’s identity: glasses. Designed by internationally renowned designers, Kartell eyewear is made of materials that comply with the philosophy of Kartell products. The frames come in different materials, designed to recall the lines of Kartell’s most famous creations. Transparent, in soft or bright colors, depending on the line, the glasses are made of metal, alone or with KartellBio acetate. The KartelleBio acetate is a unique, sustainable material made from cotton and fine wood fibers, in the “Kartell loves the planet” philosophy. 

Discover Budri Eyeglasses, the wooden glasses

The Kartell Eyewear collection includes a Main Collection and a Design Collection. The Main Collection features 68 different frames, for different moods, in many materials and colors combined with each other. The Design Collection bears the signature of four of the world’s most famous designers: Rodolfo Dordoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, and Fabio Novembre, four designers who have been collaborating with Kartell for many years.

Segmenti, the Ferruccio Laviani’s collection, features a soft-touch finish, and is a lightweight frame with a timeless design.

kartell eyewear SEGMENTI 01
Ferruccio Laviani and Segmenti glasses

As its name states, Eyeliner, by Piero Lissoni, highlights the eye contour, thanks to colors that do not go unnoticed.

kartell eyewear EYELINER 01
The Eyeliner glasses, by Piero Lissoni

For the Shield and Line K lines, Fabio Novembre was inspired by the designs of Anna Castelli Ferrieri, founder of Kartell, together with Giulio Castelli. The glasses of the Shield line are like shields for the eyes, thanks to the frames and lenses colors matching, ton sur ton.

kartell eyewear SHIELD
Fabio Novembre wearing the Shield

On the other hand, Line K is a frame that outlines the eyebrows, drawing a sort of “shiny bridge” supporting the cantilevered lenses. 

kartell eyewear LINE K
Fabio Novembre wearing the Line K

Finally, by Rodolfo Dordoni, Loo-K is inspired by the balaclava that in comic strips surrounds the eyes of the main characters. The frame, therefore, is a rounded and curved sign that highlights the face, with contrasting materials.

kartell eyewear LOOK 02
Rodolfo Dordoni with the Loo-k glasses
kartell eyewear Spiedo
The Main collection, Borderino model
kartell eyewear Lamina
The Main collection, Lamina glasses
kartell eyewear Lamina showpiece
The Main collection, another Lamina model
kartell eyewear Borderino vista
The Main collection, another Borderino model
kartell eyewear Borderino
The Main collection, a Borderino model

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