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Lars Beller Fjetland x Bottega Ghianda

The finest design made in Italy

Bottega Ghianda, from Milan, produced some items designed by Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland. A successful combination of Nordic and modernist design and very high-quality craftsmanship, for furniture elements and accessories for elegant and timeless settings.

Discover Jamais Content, a precious bookshelf by Bottega Ghianda

Oscar is a stool made of oak wood and smooth leather, mounted with bronze screws. Small, elegant, and multifunctional, it is inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s Brazilian modernism. On the other hand, Amaranth is a collection of wooden ducks, a journey back in time when toys were made of wood. Finally, Oxford Racers is a small collection of toy cars covered in leather.

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Bottega Ghianda thus confirms its international focus, putting craftsmanship at the service of exquisite design by designers from different parts of the world. Bottega Ghianda, in fact, is among the very few artisan workshops at the pinnacle of cabinetmaking in the world. Founded two centuries ago, over time it established itself as an Italian excellence of the finest craftsmanship.

Bottega Ghianda Oscar amb06
The Oscar stool, by Lars Beller Fjetland
Bottega Ghianda Oscar amb02
Bottega Ghianda Oscar amb01
Oxford Racers co 05
The Oxford Racers toy cars
Amaranth co 01
The Amaranth duck
amaranth 01
The making of the Amaranth duck
Lavorazione Bottega Ghianda credits Richard Alcock 07
Lavorazione Bottega Ghianda credits Daniele Cortese 03
making of 03
The making of an Oxford Racers toy car

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