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Lele Danzi’s Avantgarde

Face Off Italy brand by Lele Danzi

He is very eclectic, all-rounder and creative, an entrepreneur with so many strategies. Lele Danzi talks about himself, overwhelming us.

Let’s start from the very beginning: who is Lele Danzi?

An entrepreneur, a creative director, a designer, cool hunter and trend setter. In 1996, he joined the eyewear industry and revolutionized its rules, bringing a breath of fresh air and cornering the ratings of consumers and professionals, in a market ruled by big names and fashion companies. He has turned the concept of the product upside down through ideas and innovation and created cutting-edge marketing strategies. The product. He has invented the lowered stem, the inverted terminal and the double injection stem, which has been copied by many. He was the first to use lenses creatively as a basis to write and make graphics. He was the first to introduce ‘the precious detail’, creating a pop couture jewelry collection. He developed the project named VV Cigar, that is the reading glasses enclosed in a cigar-shaped case, which was the best-selling eyewear in the world, not only a reading tool, but a fashion accessory. It was also available with sunscreen. Concerning pre-assembled eyewear, he collaborated with the Vatican Museums for which he has created an ad hoc line. In 2016 he launched the project named AirDP project, absolutely unique and modern, together with Alessandro Del Piero. Glasses in ultem, which are lightweight, two-dimensional and flexible. Transparent sneakers with a breathable sole… Today, he is confirming his pioneering attitude and the strength and courage of ideas with FACE-OFF, the first visor in the world of Fashion&Sanity. Marketing. A new way of using celebrities. The Co-branding with Vasco Rossi fits into this revolutionary vision. Vasco is not a testimonial, but he is involved and actively participates in the creation of the Il Blasco collection. His creativity is revolutionary also when it comes to advertorial campaigns, where the family and the company play a leading role. He is one the first to use the concept of themed campaigns. Very innovative in the use of celebrities, who are involved by becoming part of the brand. A real forerunner, he uses popular people as influencers, a figure unknown at the time.

Can you tell us how the Face Off Italy brand was born and what are the production systems?

Face Off is a container of iconic and innovative ideas, with the launch of the first photochromic and polarized visor with a fashion attitude, the latest innovation is Reverso, the first reversible sunglasses that thanks to a particular system of rotation of the temples, allows to change the entire glasses from one color to another. Moreover, its rods can be screwed and customized.

Who is wearing Face Off glasses and why?

Face-Off does not offer simple accessories but true style icons, the Reverso glasses allow the wearer to express their personality and to be versatile by changing, with a simple gesture, the colour of the glasses, according the outfit of the day.

New ideas for the future?

We are going to lunch a luxury version of Reverso and new shapes, entirely in handmade aluminum with special enamels. Besides projects such as a hat with a sun lens built into the visor, wrap-around glasses with interchangeable lenses and much more ongoing projects. Face off is always in search for innovative ideas and techniques that can give each project an iconic style! As for the AirDP Brand in 2023, we will launch a collection named XY, characterized by something unique, because the material used will be a Tr90 with very thick moulds never conceived before, a bold collection with anime games inside the temples and with effects of transparency and color that give the eyeglass an almost 3D effect.

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