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Luna Rossa

Born to fly

The deeds of the crew led by skipper Max Sirena thrilled the entire nation. Luna Rossa won the Prada Cup by beating American Magic and Ineos Uk and then held its own against Team New Zealand, eventually giving up 7-3 in a thrilling act. It was an intense and emotional campaign that started over three years ago – with a blank sheet on which a new class of boats took shape, with a new and technologically advanced hull concept – and ended last March, after over three months of spectacular and thrilling regattas. The AC75 is an extremely complex boat. A 6.5-ton sailboat that reaches a speed of 50 knots, lifted above the water and relying uniquely on an element of a few square meters immersed in the water, the wing foil, seems like a miracle of physics. “Being the lead actors in the limelight of this adventure, up till the very end, makes us incredibly proud of the work done by the entire team; this competition is not only a sporting challenge, it represents the technology, creativity and values of an entire nation, which we are proud to represent,” wrote Team Luna Rossa.

The new AC75 class of flying boats features numerous innovations, not only in the hull and appendages, but also in the sails, with the introduction of the soft wing.

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