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Pagani Automobili, italian wonder

The new Huayra R

New from Pagani, the Huayra R, a track-focused hypercar that combines automotive engineering and aesthetics, in a car expressing all of Pagani’s technology and made-in-Italy craftsmanship. Huayra R is inspired by the timeless appeal of Le Mans cars and the world championship prototypes of the 1960s and 1970s, which embodied the creative freedom of those years. Horacio Pagani explains: “Today, racing cars arise exclusively from aerodynamics and, mostly, their shape comes from the wind tunnel. In the ’60s and ’70s, on the other hand, cars were high-speed, certainly dangerous, but beautiful. Prototype sports cars like Ferrari P4s, Ford GT40s, or Le Mans cars featured extremely fascinating lines. They are still a huge source of inspiration for our cars today. From this desire for freedom comes the idea of the Huayra R.” 

pagani huayra r

The beauty engineering

Huayra R is a car filled with innovative solutions to achieve the highest performance, and is the result of a completely dedicated engineering know-how. The beating heart of Huayra R is the Pagani V12-R, a 12-cylinder, 6-liter naturally aspirated racing powertrain. Specifically designed in collaboration with HWA AG, it was born from Atelier Pagani’s need to equip the new car with the lightest, most powerful, and most efficient track V12. Goal reached, since the overall weight of the Pagani V12-R is 198 kg (436 lb), a value at the top of the category. All-in-one with the central monocoque, with which it shapes a structural element supporting the transmission system and the chromium-molybdenum alloy steel subframes, the new engine stands out for its exceptional efficiency and ease of handling.

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pagani huayra r muso

A jewel of technology

Among the cutting-edge components created specifically for the Huayra R, is the all-new six-speed sequential transmission designed in collaboration with HWA AG, along with the engine. The new monocoque, made by applying the latest composite materials developed by the Atelier, such as Carbo-Titanium HP62-G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62, fully incorporates the seats.

pagani huayra r alto

This way, it guarantees maximum protection, while maintaining easy accessibility in the passenger compartment. Pagani Automobili and Brembo’s collaboration continues for first-rate braking power, thanks to the brand-new CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs, coupled with racing pads. 

pagani huayra r marmitta

Interior of extreme comfort

The Huayra R’s interior features adjustable pedals to perfectly suit the driver’s ergonomics. All essential controls, such as traction control, ABS map selection, radio communication control, are immediately available on the quick-mount steering wheel, adjustable in height and length, and removable for easy access into the cockpit. Shift paddles are mounted at the rear of the steering wheel. Secondary controls such as lights, engine maps, suspension maps, and brake balance selector are available on the center console. 

Art on track with Pagani Automobili

An essential part of the Pagani experience is the events that allow customers to get together and drive on specially designed tracks. With Arte In Pista, the Atelier Pagani offers a calendar full of tailor-made events, to allow Huayra R owners to fully enjoy the fascination of driving a Pagani Hypercar, pushing it to its maximum performance. A Pagani car, in fact, is not only a car, but a club for real adrenaline lovers. And made in Italy lovers.

pagani huayra r dettaglio spoiler

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