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Sea Cat 40

the solar-powered catamaran

The idea was to link nature, electricity, and the future. Sea Cat 40 uses the most advanced technologies to offer excellent performance. Sea Cat 40 is a new concept of an all-electric catamaran, the first one designed by Rossinavi, the Viareggio shipyard. The architecture, external and internal, is created by Fulvio De Simoni. It boasts a modern and elegant design, featuring open spaces, with 5 bedrooms, including the shipowner’s, and 4 crew cabins, for a total of seven crew members.

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With its aluminum hull, futuristic design, and green energy consumption solutions, Sea Cat 40 was created to respect the sea and the environment. The Sea Cat 40 concept is inspired by phytoplankton, the marine algae that play a vital role in the food chain, living in the upper layers of the oceans, where they convert sunlight into energy for their survival. The energy stored during the day is released at night, making the phytoplankton bioluminescent. Sea Cat 40 absorbs sunlight and then converts it into power by the same mechanism, thanks to advanced technology solar panels.

Rossinavi Sea Cat 40 2
The Sea Cat 40 by Rossinavi
sea cat 40 rossi navi
Rossinavi Sea Cat 40 1

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