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A Hong Kong villa by Chiodelli

Exquisite interior design made in Italy

The design of a villa in Hong Kong’s green, perfectly expresses the all-Italian ability to create beauty, through design and craftsmanship. From the settings to the materials, the interior design focuses on an atmosphere of measured luxury, enhanced by the home’s location. Inspired by Eastern philosophy and attitude, in fact, materials and rooms are designed to blend in with the surrounding vegetation. Large sliding windows surround the interiors with all shades of outdoor light, opening up striking panoramic views of Clear Water Bay’s waterfront and wooded hills.

Discover the living room by Ludovica Mascheroni

Created by Chiodelli, an Italian firm specializing in interior design creations of excellence, the project features an exquisite design. Thanks to long experience and in-depth knowledge of materials and processing techniques, Chiodelli offers custom-made furniture and finishings perfect for even the most demanding clients. The antique wood of the furniture, left unfinished, harmonizes with the polished wood of parquet floors and ceilings; contemporary technology, on the other hand, allows for a wine cellar with perfect humidity and temperature for storage. The panels above the fireplace in the living room are masterpieces of cabinet making, reminiscent of the origami technique. Metal inserts with gold and bronze galvanic treatment give a contemporary edge and enhance the nuances of the wood; dark metal inserts, on the other hand, recall the dark marble of the living area. The dramatic effect is enhanced by the large fireplace, in translucent onyx, backlit. This project by Chiodelli lies between art and craftsmanship, and is a tribute to the beauty and high quality that Italian design can express.

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