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Borgo dei Posseri

Borgo dei Posseri farm occupies 230 hectares on a sunny plateau at 590 m between Ala (Trento) and the Piccole Dolomiti, the mountain range on the border between Trentino and Veneto.
From 1300 it was the summer residence of the noble Taddei family (Florentine nobles expelled from Florence for being on the Ghibelline side), then, until 1950, it was inhabited by sharecropper families. After years of neglect, this magical place was rediscovered by a group of friends who wanted this ancient Borgo to shine again by creating a vinicultural company that would produce a wine reflecting its uniqueness. The vineyards extend over an area of 22 hectares, between 550 and 750 meters above sea level, located in the flatter areas, with a predominantly western and north-western exposure, which, thanks to northern and southern winds, provides this area with an ideal habitat for the cultivation of vines in a non-intensive context. The company produces seven wines (Trento Doc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon, and a white cuvée that is a blend of four vines), keeping in mind the respect and enhancement of local characteristics. In addition to the spectacular place, the farm offers its visitors the chance to have a self-managed touring tasting. In other words, guests are provided with a basket containing some typical local products to accompany the tasting, a glass, a map to orient themselves through a sort of wine treasure hunt, stopping at small equipped islands where they will find the bottle of wine to be tasted, surrounded by the vineyards from which the wines come. Borgo dei Posseri is a little piece of heaven, a spectacular terrace on the Lagarina Valley that offers a unique landscape that turns into equally unique emotions.

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