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Brescia Museums Foundation

Under the Direction of Stefano Karadjov, Fondazione Brescia Musei opens the city’s year as Capital of Culture with a rich and articulated proposal of exhibition routes – starting from the light metro station, as the first impact with the city, strongly characterized by art. At the Brixia Archaeological Park, admire the majestic Winged Victory. Stop at Emilio Isgrò’s installation and look at the Capitoline theater. Continue along Via dei Musei, toward Santa Giulia, where, in addition to the newly inaugurated Roman collection, one is immersed in Isgrò’s infectious thought. The antique collection, extraordinary in its variety of details, deserves special attention. On the way up to the castle, look into the pretty little Chiesetta di Cristo. The lovingly restored Museo del Risorgimento opens up the horizons of that period through the interaction between contemporary media and historical artifacts. Also within the castle’s walls is the Museo delle Armi, with Carlo Scarpa’s unmistakable design. On your way down, you must stop at the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, where paintings are accompanied by a truly remarkable selection of Murano glass, including chalcedony, milk and opaline glass. The combination of mirror effect, frescoes and illuminated setting create an artistic jewel in the heart of the museum, curated by Roberta D’Adda.

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