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Brioni: creating masterpieces

The excellence of tailoring

In Rome, in 1945, Master Tailor Nazzareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini established the Brioni clothing company, a brand featuring the perfect balance between technique and inventiveness. The clothes designed, created and produced according to the concept of slow luxury, have always been unique and timeless pieces. Their extraordinary traits are confirmed by the precious materials and the excellent 100% Italian manufacture, paying particular attention to the quality and reducing the environmental impact of production. The suits, which for over 75 years have been worn by celebrities and gentlemen worldwide, are hand-made following the Brioni method. This process requires 220 steps, 7,000 stitches and more than 24 hours of work. The final result is a tailored masterpiece that meets the needs and tastes of each buyer, thanks also to the Brioni Bespoke service, offered by the Maison. With the help of a tailor from the Brioni boutique, the customer can choose how to make the perfect suit, fit for any occasion.

Italian beauty, ethics and quality inspired the Assouline publishing house, which honored the Maison with the publication of the book ‘Brioni: Tailoring Legends’. Thanks to the preface by Bret Easton Ellis, the text by Oliver Saillard, and the brand’s archive photographs, made in Italy excellence is enhanced and spread to the whole world, to pass it on to future generations. Although different in shape, a book and a tailored garment share so much: timeless objects, the fruit of love and passion remind us of the masterpieces that our minds and hands are capable of creating.,

1 Courtesy of Brioni
A vintage poster, from 1937 (courtesy Brioni)
6 Courtesy of Brioni
Vintage design from 1958, courtesy Brioni
3 Courtesy of Brioni
A vintage runway show Brioni, courtesy Brioni
2 Courtesy of Brioni
A vintage shooting in Rome, 1960, courtesy Brioni
The book ‘Brioni: Tailoring Legends’

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