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Fattoria San Martino

a possible place

“A life that pays attention to everyday things,” this was the dream that led Karin Lijftogt and Antonio Giorgini to move to Tuscany, to Montepulciano, and buy an eighteenth-century villa 800 meters from the town to transform it into Fattoria San Martino. There you can meet people, see a flower blooming, understand that the earth is alive and that food quality changes our state of mind. The dishes served at the small restaurant of Fattoria San Martino are 100% vegetarian and/or vegan, organic, made with fresh locally-sourced or farmed produce, prepared by chef Marco Vitale on the spot. The products of the farm are the fruit of biodynamic agriculture and the dishes proposed by the restaurant are strongly linked to the rhythm of the seasons. The creamy chickpea soup with cream with Aglione della Val di Chiana garlic, zucchini rose with fermented wheat, tartlet with vegetables are just some of the restaurant’s specialties born from years of preparation, starting from the study of classic cuisine, passing through various foreign influences, passion and attention to the territory. A vegan diet, capable of balancing flavors in the dish, comes from the study of raw materials and food technology to offer the guests a dish that can improve their mood as well as their health.

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