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Nolinski Venezia

Time, suspended.

Within a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square and La Fenice Theater, the Nolinski Venezia majestically stands, with its facade adorned with chimeras. From here you enter to door to get to the heart of Venice history, inside the former Borsa di Commercio, where you can feel the soul and history of a city where Art Nouveau, Liberty Style and Modernism merge in perfect harmony, brought to new light by the Franco-Italian interior design duo LeCoadic-Scotto. The whole five-storey building expresses the wisdom and workmanship of master craftsmen: marble stucco and marmorino express the ultimate luxury and contrast with the wall paneling and mango frames, while ancient and contemporary artworks spread in every corner of the hotel, capture the attention. The 43 rooms, including 13 suites, each unique in design. The Ottoman-inspired spa offer a haven of peace and the promise of a unique and timeless stay. From Il Caffè and its courtyard, to the Caffè Biblioteca (Library cafeteria), with its four thousand books and a ceiling fresco by the artist Simon Buret, to the lobby, that manages to be both intimate and grand, to the auditorium that houses the Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia, and of course the pool, with its golden mosaic and view onto the Venetian skies and rooftops, every corner and detail embodies an exceptional sense of hospitality For sure, an extraordinary hotel experience for the Lagoon.

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