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Make your way for your senses

It is located in the center of Rome, not far from Via Veneto. Orma, Roy Caceres’ restaurant opened in April, spread over two floors, is both sophisticated, welcoming and informal. “The project’s common thread are the organic shapes that together with the choice of materials and natural colors eloquently introduce the genuineness of the raw materials and the authenticity of the flavors, resulting in an enveloping space where you can fully enjoy the convivial experience,” says Alberto Bovo, founder and CCO of the Hangar Design Group studio, which was in charge of the interior design and branding project. Caceres enhances the richness of the Italian land by contaminating it with its South American vein while maintaining the focus on taste and ingredients. It includes two tasting menus: ‘Tracce Indelebili’ (‘Indelible Tracks’), in five steps, and ‘Current Tracks’ (‘Tracce Correnti’) eight new and unprecedented dishes, which well describe the evolution of Caceres’ cuisine. When it comes to the menu, there is a list of sixteen dishes called Orme including appetizers, starters, meats, seafood and desserts. Among the Tracce Indelebili you can not miss S-foglia, a dish inspired by a trip to China, a Chinese ravioli with a touch of Italian taste, which plays on the contrasts between the creaminess and sweetness of the filling with the bitter and spicy scent of the orange cream and horseradish sauce on the basis of the dish. Among the Tracce Correnti, instead, to me mentioned the artichoke, grilled by the chef, with a sauce of toasted leaves with sea urchin eggs and creamy egg yolk.;

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