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In Venice, Il Refettorio, a new restaurant

Venice has recently added another outstanding venue to its already extensive list of great restaurants: Il Refettorio. Il Refettorio is one of the ten eating places of Majer, a Venetian brand founded by Fabrizio De Nardis; together with the others, it stands out for its interior design and cuisine, made with its own excellent local products. 

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The entrance at Il Refettorio. Photo: Marco Valmarana

The interior design, by architect Giuseppe Tortato, respected the original structure; the result is an ambiance that is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The materials, such as pewter, ebony, terracotta for the floors, bricks for the walls, concrete for the staircase, burnished metals, have been selected to last over time and age with elegance. Tables and chairs come in oak, designed and made with extreme attention to detail.

refettorio 6
Photo: Paolo Lirussi

The cuisine of Il Refettorio pays the same attention to the local context, as can be deduced from its name: Refettorio, in fact, is the place of community cooking par excellence. Thus, Il Refettorio chooses the best raw materials, all local, for its recipes. Chianina meat from Macelleria Fracassi, roast-beef from Macelleria Cazzamali, cooked ham from Branchi Prosciutti, raw ham from Prosciuttificio Sant’Ilario, wines from Bressan winery. The coffee is roasted right here, with single-origin and 100% Arabica blends, with excellent products grown in compliance with the SCA tasting protocol. 
Starting from these simple principles, Il Refettorio is, therefore, a candidate to become a new reference point for catering in Venice, both for Venetians and tourists.

refettorio 2
Photo: Paolo Lirussi
refettorio 7
Photo: Paolo Lirussi
Il Refettorio Paolo Lirussi 10
Detail of the counter, in wood and pewter.Photo: Paolo Lirussi
Il Refettorio Paolo Lirussi 4
The food.Photo: Paolo Lirussi
Il Refettorio Paolo Lirussi 2
Photo: Paolo Lirussi
refettorio 4
Detail of a lamp.Photo: Paolo Lirussi
refettorio 5
Photo: Paolo Lirussi

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