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The enchantment of Como silk in the frame of Sicily

The richness of artisanal silk, combined with contemporary technology, is the hallmark of Dedar’s fabrics, which are created in the heart of the silk manufacturing district in Como. The mastery of the Como artisans who weave Dedar’s silks, in the eighteenth century, led to the supremacy of the Como silk district’s weaving workshops, still recognized as world-class.

Discover the new Lelièvre textile collection, by Jean-Paul Gaultier

The new collection is a journey that revisits the great archetypes of textile art, crossing techniques and suggestions: passion and knowledge of textile art generate a wide variety of expressive intuitions, colors, yarns, weaves. The fabrics of the Dedar collection take shape in the most sumptuous of Sicilian villas, built-in 1712 by the architect and Dominican friar Tommaso Maria Napoli. Commissioned by Princess Anna Gravina as a gift for her husband Giuseppe del Bosco Sandoval, Prince of Cattolica, Villa Valguarnera stands on the top of a flat mountain in Bagheria, a holiday resort for Palermo’s aristocrats in the 18th century, known as “the city of villas .”From here, it is possible to admire the luxuriance of parks and the immense blue of the gulfs of Palermo and Cefalù. All photos by Andrea Ferrari.

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