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St Moritz cocktail week

During the second edition of the St. Moritz Cocktail Week, which was held last February, Joshua Perrone, bar manager of the Hato Asian restaurant, won for best signature cocktail.

The award-winning drink is called The Formula, in honor of the 1980 film directed by John G. Avildsen starring George C. Scott and Marlon Brando, in line with this edition’s theme, Like in a movie. A perfect balance between Avión tequila, Grand Marnier, Thai coconut milk, Japanese peach, basil and lemongrass syrup, pandan and activated charcoal, Hato’s signature cocktail obtained the highest score from the scorecards of a select panel of judges.

In second place was Eveline, Langosteria’s signature cocktail, a blend of Mediterranean flavors given by a cordial prepared with red and yellow baby plum tomatoes, basil and garlic mixed with gin and vodka. On the third step of the podium was the signature cocktail from the new Vincenzo Dascanio Café, which opened in St. Moritz in November 2023, Meadows Dance with Wildflowers. It was created by bar manager Giuseppe Pellegrino, who was able to balance a combination of Gin Mare apple and pear fat wash, home-made liquor with Avión tequila and mountain herbs, Italicus – Rosolio di Bergamotto, dry Vermut.

The judges and organizers of St. Moritz Cocktail Week decided to present the Critics’ Award to Sam Ahmed El Sayed and his signature cocktail Honey Rider: Grand Marnier, clarified cherry liqueur, Swiss honey, Chasselas cordial, Verjus, orange-flavored aquafaba.

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