Taki Off by Taki

A new restaurant in Rome

Taki Off, in Rome, is a new restaurant next to one of the best Japanese restaurants in the Italian capital. Taki Off, however, is not a Japanese restaurant, despite its cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The decor features dark colors, with water and plants populating the spaces and creating peacefulness, to recreate Japanese-inspired atmospheres. 

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In fact, Chef Andrea Fusco, who took over the restaurant, greatly appreciates the culture of the Far East and the typical raw materials of their gastronomic culture, seaweed, fermented vegetables and soy, alone or together, which he has always used for his dishes. Taki off offers three tasting menus, including plates from the chef’s history and the most delicate recipes expressing his vision of the Italy/Japan blend. The three menus bear evocative names: I Classici repurposes the Giuda Ballerino signature plates that made the chef’s fortune. Dedicated To My Love includes dishes that create pleasant and cozy feelings, in a fine dining journey. Finally, in the menu Quello Che Mangerei Io (What I Would Eat), the chef offers the most structured and complex dining journey, to show his vision of the Italy/Japan blend. Takioff.com

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finta carbonara 1280x853 1
The “fake” carbonara spaghetti
piccola pasticceria 1280x853 1
A dessert
ostrica cavolo 1280x853 1
Oyster with cabbage
nigiri scalogno 1280x853 1
Nigiri with scallions

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