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Tea time

‘L’accento sul tè. Come preparare e apprezzare una tazza perfetta’ (‘The accent on tea. How to brew and enjoy a perfect cup of tea’), written by Francesco Rossi and published by Mondadori Electa, is a real compendium of what one needs to know about tea, its varieties, processing, uses and potential. This book is the result of years of passionate tastings, research, meetings, study and, above all, active listening to those who seek tea in their daily lives, both in the store and in direct contact with the social community of Giusmìn Tea Lab Milano. According to Rossi, tea is first and foremost a food, like wine or chocolate, that must be appreciated simply for its taste. This must also turn into a conscious purchase. Quality tea should not be perceived as a connoisseur’s product; on the contrary, “In this aspect, tea is often a much more democratic and accessible food than wine. Preparing a good cup is not complicated at all, just as it is simple to be able to enjoy it. The points to pay attention to are few and simple yet still unknown or ignored by many. In the book, I provide the right preparation tips as well as advice on how to choose and evaluate different teas.”

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