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ACQUA Restaurant

a new destination for seafood and fish

A new gastronomic destination, in Olgiate Olona, near Varese, ACQUA Restaurant, in just a few months has already won the critics’ favor, and is listed in the Identità Golose Guide 2022. Opened in mid-2021, ACQUA is a ‘destination for taste enthusiasts,’ who experience the restaurant as ‘guests’ rather than customers. This is a significant feature, so every aspect of the experience aims to create a memorable event. The restaurant’s guest space is modern, furnished in stone, wood, and steel. The two private wine cellars hold a collection of over seven hundred labels, selected by the restaurant’s founders, Andrea Marcella and Davide Possoni.

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Under the guidance of chef Alessandro Menoncin, the cuisine is seafood cuisine, interpreted in a contemporary way. Fresh fish is the star of the table, selected every day from what is available from the sea and always of the highest excellence. Depending on the season, the fish comes mainly from the Mediterranean, alongside rarities such as South African lobster or Atlantic scallops. The recipes are designed to enhance all the organoleptic properties of the raw material, with precise processing aimed at simplicity. The gastronomic experience you can live at ACQUA can be summarized as ‘immerse yourself in taste’. Surrender to the tasting of enveloping flavors, in an experience that involves the five senses, smell, taste, color, highlighting the value of raw materials, processing, and the wines.

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