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Mammarà, new bistrot in Milan

Mammarà is the new bistrot in Milan, recently opened in Porta Nuova, the new “Skyscrapers District”. Under the guidance of chef Christian Busca, Mammarà offers cuisine that skillfully combines food and dishes from northern Italy with Sicilian tradition. Originally from Biella but Sicilian by adoption, Busca states that “there is no creative cuisine or traditional cuisine, there is only good cuisine.”

Mammarà Bistrot Chef Christian Busca
Christian Busca, chef at Mammarà

His dishes, simple but elegant, always consist of only three ingredients, fresh and coming from the local daily market. No more than 40/45 per evening, his guests can taste recipes such as Tuna, Panelle, and Bagna Cauda; Plin, Calamari and Sundried Tomatoes; Cod, Polenta and Taggiasche; Red Prawn, Foie Gras, and Figs; Anchovies, White Truffle, and Sferificato Oil.

The convivial kitchen chez Mammarà

The central counter houses the kitchen in full view, with no barrier to the guests. This allows guests to have direct and immediate contact with the chef, to share live cooking. This way, it’s possible to have gourmet tastings directly from the kitchen, the real soul of the whole place. Fifteen seats around the counter make it an enlarged and dynamic chef’s table, for quick lunch breaks or informal dinners; moreover, the chef himself creates delicious gourmet tastings, to serve with drinks.
The wine list and cocktail suggestions are also a discovery; they range from vintage champagne to sophisticated gins to original spirits, selected by bar manager Andrea Boscolo.

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Mammarà Bistrot Sous Chef Luca Facchinetti 4
Mammarà sous-chef, Luca Facchinetti

A contemporary and comfortable design

The environment, warm and welcoming, is in line with the chef’s philosophy. The contemporary design fits into a space of rigorous geometry. Wood and grey stone boiserie, armchairs and chairs in beige and Burgundy red velvet, match chandeliers handcrafted by master glassmakers. The curtains and the precious brass, the decorations of the chandeliers adorned with flowers, complete the atmosphere of an ancient Sicily residence.
Mammarà, the new bistrot in Milan, captures the elegance of the made in Italy taste and lifestyle, blending tradition and contemporary elegance. [Photo Vito Corvasce] Mammarà.it

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