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Matì, the ‘maritozzo’ in Milan

Matì: Gourmet Maritozzi Pleasures is the new address in Milan, for those who love the typical and iconic Roman dessert, the ‘maritozzo.’ Four young entrepreneurs have joined forces to create an innovation in the world of gastronomy and a new meeting point in the center of Milan. The innovation is the savory version of maritozzo, which is also proposed with new savory fillings, land or sea. They range from the traditional stuffing with meatballs, to the version combining white meat sauce with pumpkin and mortadella, up to the reinterpretation of Picchiapò, which is inspired by the Roman recipe made with boiled beef. For fish, on the other hand, there is Mediterranean octopus with chickpeas and chicory, squid with Ribera oranges and Taggiasche olives, up to the most mouth-watering twist between burrata d’Andria and Mazara del Vallo red prawns. 

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The veggy versions, however, include caponata, burrata with cherry tomato confit and Sicilian, with pistachio pesto from Bronte, emulsified ricotta and semi-candied lemon femminello Siracusano. The triumph of the classic pastry features cream as the main character, and today sees variations with custard, pistachio cream, mascarpone mousse, and white chocolate and raspberry. Chef Matteo Casaroli’s menu follows the seasons’ course to always guarantee novelties and new experiences. The place is intimate and cozy, for those who want to stop by; of course, Matì offers takeout and delivery. Matì is also zero emissions, thanks to the collaboration with Green Future Project, the online platform that supports companies in CO2 offsetting processes. In addition to certified raw materials, even the paper used for packaging and communication materials is derived from recycled materials.

Mati maritozzi misti 12
Mixed maritozzi by Matì
Mati maritozzi misti 11
Mixed maritozzi
Mati maritozzi misti 8
Mixed savory maritozzi
Mati maritozzo burrata e gamberi 1
Maritozzo with burrata and prawns
Mati maritozzo burrata e gamberi 2
Maritozzo with burrata and prawns
Mati maritozzo crema mascarpone 2
Maritozzo with mascarpone cheese cream
Mati maritozzo crema mascarpone 4
Maritozzo with cream and mascarpone
Mati maritozzo panna e crema 3
Maritozzo with cream
Mati maritozzo panna e crema pistacchio 2
Maritozzo with cream and pistachio cream

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