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W Villadorata Restaurant

At Country House Villadorata, Sicily

Michelin star chef and entrepreneur Viviana Varese returns to Sicily for the second year in a row; in Noto, in fact, from April 15, she reopens her W Villadorata restaurant at Country House Villadorata. For this project, the chef will be joined by her two former sous chefs from the starred restaurant VIVA in Milan, Matteo Carnaghi as Executive Chef and Ida Brenna as Pastry Chef. In Noto, Country House Villadorata is a place that perfectly embodies the gastronomic ethics of Viviana Varese’s cuisine. It consists, in fact, of twenty-five hectares of land with a vegetable garden, citrus groves, almond trees, vineyards, and olive trees. A magical place where you can “get your hands dirty,” cultivate a passion for making and testing her cuisine.

Discover the design made in Sicily by Ferruccio Laviani

The cuisine is based on local ingredients. The Slow Food Presidia of Sicily inspire the chef to create new recipes and some of her historical recipes. New for 2022 is wheat. Viviana Varese strongly wanted to give voice to one of the most ancient traditions in cooking. The search for autochthonous Sicilian grains, such as Timilia, Maiorca, Russello, and Senatore Cappelli wheat, led Viviana to the historical watermill with a stone millstone of Annalisa Dibenedetto, that dates back to 1700 and is located in the Santa Domenica valley. Four elements lead the gastronomic itineraries: Air, Water & Earth, and Fire. Each of the four menus includes vegetables from the garden, local fish, and aromatic herbs or lemon. The Fire menus include only barbecue and wood oven for meals with the distinctive flavor of smoking.

villadorata ristorante VIVIANA VARESE 1
The chef Viviana Varese

villadorata ristorante ANELLINO
villadorata ristorante TAGLIOLINO
villadorata ristorante MARE
The Sea Menu
villadorata ristorante Biological garden
The vegetable garden at Villadorata
villadorata ristorante forno legna
The chef Viviana Varese and the wood-burning oven

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