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Ada Sokół

Lightness in design

An unusual blend of artist and designer, Ada Sokół possesses the ability to craft a unique visual language, with highly conceptual projects showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Her works have the capacity to evoke ultra-sensory experiences within futuristic landscapes or fantastical realms, often incorporating elements of nature and fairy-tale creatures.

Among the foremost 3D artists, Ada has resided in London and Paris, collaborating with renowned brands such as Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Rimowa, and Gentle Monster to create global campaigns, videos, and multimedia installations. Her creations have garnered recognition from prestigious art galleries and have been exhibited in Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. Her distinctive and recognizable style is rooted in the concept of ‘lightness in design’. Through themes inspired by nature, her works illuminate the hidden beauty of overlooked subjects, elevating them through her artistry.

One notable creation is ‘The Gaia Series’, which places women at the forefront of society, highlighting the values of Love, Health, and Wisdom within its narrative fabric. “Ethics of ecology, especially in the context of human-nonhuman relationships, get a chance to resurface under the influence of ecofeminism which dares to stir up and challenge the standard by shifting focus away from the status quo. Environmentalism is an inherently feminine issue in that sense because, at its core, it profoundly relates to a mindfulness of the environment surrounding us and an intimacy in the ways we are meant to care for it. ‘Gaia’ is set as an exploratory endeavor celebrating female strength & values in nature.”

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