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Angela Roi: the eco-friendly luxury

Luca Nichetto’s vegan leather bags

Luca Nichetto designed for Angela Roi the Malala bag, a tote bag featuring a surprising material. The Malala bag, in fact, is made of apple leather, a leather with a soft hand and soft touch, entirely vegan, recovered from apple scraps. 

The history of apple leather is of particular interest. In fact, it comes from South Tyrol, the Italian region bordering Austria, where apple cultivation is widespread. When apples are used for juice or jam, the cores and skins are discarded and have no further use. Angela Roi recovers these scraps, which replace chemicals in the production chain, and reduce energy consumption and emissions. With a zero carbon footprint, each kilogram of recovered apple scraps can save 5.82 kilograms of CO2 emissions-the carbon footprint of polyurethane.

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The Malala bags, by Luca Nichetto for Angela Roi, is available in several classic colors. The leather sports a matte finish and a regular grain; over time, it develops a patina that gives the ‘used’ look. Maintenance and care only require being careful of water, sun, and chemical agents such as perfumes, which could alter the leather’s appearance.

malala 1
malala rossa
malala rossa fondo
malala marrone
malala dettaglio moschettone
malala 2

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