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10 gifts for Christmas 2022

Design made in Italy

Burano fountain pen

From Aurora, a fountain pen is a perfect gift for Christmas 2022. Burano, named after the island in the Venetian archipelago, is a limited edition pen, part of Aurora Penne’s “Secret Journey to Italy” collection. The pen’s body recalls the rainbow of colors featured in the houses of Burano; the color of the ink, a deep purple, also creates a unique writing experience. Burano comes with a playlist of iconic songs evocative of the atmosphere of the place, accessible via QR code.

aurora burano
Burano fountain pen by Aurora

100th Anniversary fountain pen by Aurora

Also from Aurora, another limited edition fountain pen. Aurora produced a pen in 925‰ solid sterling silver, guilloché “flamé,” covered in red enameled lacquer, with sterling silver trim to mark the first centennial. The nib is 18kt rhodium-plated solid gold. 100th Anniversary is made in a limited edition, to 919 pieces. The cabochon head, the new ring, and the new case back mark the fountain pen’s line, and lend elegance and majesty.

aurora 100 anniversary copy
100th Anniversary limited edition fountain pen by Aurora

Xmas Collection by Riva1920

For lovers of nature and natural materials, from Riva1920, the wooden Christmas tree, made of scented cedar wood, designed by different architects and designers. Riva1920 reclaims cedar trees that have fallen due to natural events, or have been cut down due to planned cuts for safety issues. Along with pinets, Riva1920 offers elegant balls made of Millennial Kauri wood, the fossil wood from New Zealand.

The finest wooden objects by Bottega Ghianda, Milan

Bottega Ghianda, from Milan, produced some items designed by Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland. A successful combination of Nordic and modernist design and very high-quality craftsmanship, for furniture elements and accessories for elegant and timeless settings. Amaranth is a collection of wooden ducks, a journey back in time when toys were made of wood. Oxford Racers, on the other hand, is a small collection of toy cars covered in leather.

Discover wooden object by Bottega Ghianda

Glass objects by Peter Marino for Venini

Peter Marino’s heat-worked glass features a full-bodied texture and bold colors. In addition to the new pieces in the Black Belt collection, Peter Marino designed Totem; this striking glass sculpture can also be illuminated. Totem consists of a black Zimbabwe marble base with blown glass elements in soft, organic shapes. The glass elements that form the Totem are embellished with gold and silver leaf decorations, heat-worked, featuring surfaces with an iridescent effect. The work is available in two sizes: a limited edition of eight pieces and four special artistic editions. Tea, black paste, milky white, gold and silver leaf highlight brightness and contrasts, in perfect harmony.

Discover the Black Belt collection by Peter Marino for Venini

venini peter marino 7
The Totem, by Peter Marino for Venini

Le Blanc, the campagne trunk

Ludovica Mascheroni created a trunk to celebrate special moments, made with the same attention to detail that the brand dedicates to all its creations. The champagne trunk Le Blanc is a small casket of high and skilled craftsmanship made in Italy. It looks like a stylish suitcase, which hides inside unexpected wonders. Le Blanc is the ultimate kit for an elegant tête-à-tête toast, the perfect Valentine’s day gift. It is available for purchase at the Ludovica Mascheroni boutique in Milan, or by contacting Ludovica Mascheroni.

Discover Le Blanc, the campagne trunk

Le Blanc LM 1

The perfect closet accessories

Ludovica Mascheroni, who specializes in custom-made furniture of excellent quality, offers three complements and accessories for the perfect wardrobe. Ludovica Mascheroni’s cabinet complements and accessories make it possible to organize clothes in perfect order and store them in the best condition, so they last longer.

Discover the perfect closet accessories

Custodie per maglie e maglioni Ludovica Mascheroni 12

Artist’s backgammon by Dilmos

Milan-based gallery Dilmos presents Backgammon Beauty, a series of 4 backgammon boards in a limited edition, designed by Milanese architect and designer Valeria Molinari. The project, which includes four boards inspired by the elements Water, Air, Fire and Earth, stems from the concept of play as an existential condition. The four elements, Water, Air, Fire and Earth, can be found in any form of life, and therefore are universal. Each board represents its element through symbols and colors that evoke its characteristics; from flames to waves, trees to sunbeams, each piece is carefully drawn with watercolor, then covered with a layer of transparent resin.

Discover the backgammon boards by Dilmos

Dilmos Backgammon fuoco 3

Fueguia 1833, the fragrance of Patagonia

Fueguia 1833 is an absolute novelty in the world of perfumery. Founded in 2010 in Buenos Aires by Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is a perfumery created and inspired by a wildland, the tip of Argentina known as Patagonia. Since the brand’s inception, Bedel has been using various natural, rare, and never before used ingredients in perfumery. Today, Fueguia 1833 produces over 100 fragrances, divided into eleven collections: Alquimia, Antropologìa, Aquilaria, Armonìas, Destinos, Fàbula, Fauna, Linneo, Literatura, Muskara, Personajes and the new collection El Mundo de los Ouds. Due to the care of natural and rare ingredients, it is only possible to produce 400 bottles of perfume per batch.

Discover Fueguia 1833, the fragrance of Patagonia

fueguia new york 2

Up To You Anthology, the bags for design lovers

Up To You Anthology is an idea as simple as it is effective. Design objects in leather or fabrics, accessories with a strong personality, designed by internationally renowned designers and architects, made by the best Italian leather craftsmen. 100% made in Italy, Up To You Anthology bags are unique pieces designed by design and architecture stars, such as Nendo, Giulio Cappellini, Naoto Fukasawa, Vincent Van Duysen, David Chipperfield, and Studio Zaha Hadid.

Discover the bags by Up to You Anthology

pochette salmistraro
Clutch by Elena Salmistraro, for Up To You Anthology

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