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The perfect closet accessories

by Ludovica Mascheroni

In the Western Hemisphere, September is the time for seasonal closets changes. Ludovica Mascheroni, who specializes in custom-made furniture of excellent quality, offers three complements and accessories for the perfect wardrobe. Ludovica Mascheroni’s cabinet complements and accessories make it possible to organize clothes in perfect order and store them in the best condition, so they last longer.

The trunk for knitwear

The trunk for storing sweaters is available in different wooden finishes, to suit different interior design styles and closets or walk-in closets. The trunk drawers come in different sizes, to accommodate different-sized knits and sweaters. Each drawer features a small holder for inserting wooden cylinders previously soaked in the desired scented oils, to perfume the garments without the risk of soiling or staining them. In addition, the top of the trunk sports a leather-covered opening top that holds everything needed for storage; scented oils, wooden cylinders, tweezers for handling them, and a leather-covered electric hair remover roller. The oils are available in seven different fragrances. A special drawer allows for ozone sanitization of sweaters and knits.

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Knit and sweater cases

For delicate garments of excellent quality, the cases are precious wooden caskets, available in three different kinds of wood, Canaletto walnut, eucalyptus, and bleached oak, and in three different sizes, to suit the thickness of the sweater, from the thinnest to the thickest. The cases feature leather handles and a small holder for small cylinders soaked in scented oil, like the drawers.

To complete the perfect storage of knitted garments, a leather-covered electric lint remover is also available; the kit for storage also offers a cylinder that can be soaked in essences to scent the garments with our favorite fragrance. The lint remover is covered in leather, which can be imprinted with initials for personalization.

Baule conservazione maglioni Ludovica Mascheroni 23
Custodie per maglie e maglioni Ludovica Mascheroni 12
Custodie per maglie e maglioni Ludovica Mascheroni 16
Kit levapelucchi ed essenze profumate Ludovica Mascheroni 8
Kit levapelucchi ed essenze profumate Ludovica Mascheroni 5

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