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Fueguia 1833, the fragrance of Patagonia

Fueguia 1833 is an absolute novelty in the world of perfumery. Founded in 2010 in Buenos Aires by Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is a perfumery created and inspired by a wildland, the tip of Argentina known as Patagonia. Since the brand’s inception, Bedel has been using various natural, rare, and never before used ingredients in perfumery. 
Today, Fueguia 1833 produces over 100 fragrances, divided into eleven collections: Alquimia, Antropologìa, Aquilaria, Armonìas, Destinos, Fàbula, Fauna, Linneo, Literatura, Muskara, Personajes and the new collection El Mundo de los Ouds. Due to the care of natural and rare ingredients, it is only possible to produce 400 bottles of perfume per batch.

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Fragrances respecting the environment

The brand Fueguia 1833 is not only synonymous with rare and exclusive fragrances. In fact, the brand has a conscious approach to sustainability. Fueguia 1833 perfumes are free of polycyclic musk compounds, elements widely used in perfumery that are said to cause potential damage to the health of aquatic species. For this, the Argentine brand uses only entirely biodegradable plant-based elements. Fueguia 1833’s formulations contain biodegradable ingredients, musk of plant origin, ethanol of organic origin, and natural exotic ingredients. In addition, Fueguia 1833 fragrances are 100% free of polycyclic musk compounds (PCMs), UV filters, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic dyes. There is no animal testing, no animal-derived ingredients, and finally, no phthalates.

Fueguia 1833 and local communities

Some of the plant species used in the fragrances are cultivated and distilled by local communities, involved in projects aimed at growth and development. Bedel, in fact, in 2002 founded HelpArgentina, a non-profit organization that promotes the social development of Argentine territories. In 2016, Fueguia Botany was established; it is a fifty-acre plantation in Uruguay, where more than a hundred aromatic plants from South America are grown. Fueguia Botany includes a fully equipped laboratory for extraction. The company uses a unique technology, which distills and extracts the exotic ingredients by applying a low temperature and avoiding using hexane and other solvents, respecting the environment. 

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Exquisite and ecological packaging

The company also pays special attention to packaging. The wooden boxes for the perfume packaging are handmade by apprentice carpenters in Patagonia or the woodworking shop inside the Fueguia 1833 factory in Milan, using wood from the falling trees in Patagonia. The glass bottles are recyclable, and the brand uses only FSC-certified acid-free paper and soy-based ink.

fueguia milano 1
Fueguia 1833, the Milan Duomo Gallery
fueguia new york 1
Fueguia 1833, New York SoHo Gallery
fueguia new york 2
Fueguia 1833, New York SoHo Gallery

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