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The way we craft

It is a pleasure to touch them smelling the scent of their leather. The bags produced by Officine Federali have no season or gender, and have been created to last over time. Officine Federali was established in 2013 with the first prototypes made by the designer Fabio Carminati in his Ticino-based workshop, Switzerland. The brand, which is inspired by the resistance and practicality of work clothes and engineering tools, was named after the Swiss railway construction workshops. In September 2014 after meeting the graphic designer  Fabio Albarelli  a business named Of Design Sagl was established, with the aim of developing the brand at European and international level. “The name of the Brand refers to the workshops of the  Swiss Railways, and is inspired by the functionality and beauty of the clothes and work tools created to resist extreme conditions of use, and where each single tool is placed inside long-lasting materials and leather additions, handcrafted to last over time … “

Officine Federali  finds in craftsmanship the ideal production method, expression of a deep-rooted  culture and  respect for work. Traditional materials and processes evolve and mix with technical fabrics in the creation of  functional and innovative products with a contemporary design.

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