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Craftsmanship & style

Japanese history dates back thousands of years: from the Shinto to the Buddhist cult, from the feudal tradition to the rural communities, up to the construction of temples and shrines by craftsmen who, with their skills, have contributed to make the history. For thirty years, the Time & Style brand has promoted this kind of craftsmanship thanks to the use of wood and the Time & Style ēdition collection for Italian brand Boffi|DePadova represents a modern evolution of craftsmanship. Low tables and chairs in solid wood, ceiling lamps with shades made from washi paper: everything in these objects tells a story linked to tradition highlighting the natural contemporary elegance of Boffi|DePadova’s design.

Time & Style ēdition collection by Boffi | De Padova. Suitable for the kitchen, the bedroom and the living area, Silent Drawer Cabinet is available in bleached or charcoal gray solid oak. Bombori lamp with cedarwood frame and handmade washi paper. Imperial Family is a family of solid oak low tables available in different heights and sizes.

Moon table with frame and top in snow white or charcoal gray-stained solid oak, finished with transparent water or solvent-based paint, surrounded by A Chair Outside the Cage chairs with rattan backrest. Their charcoal gray solid beech frame is lightweight, easy to move and elegant.

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