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NIO cocktails for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner. NIO Cocktails thought of a unique selection of the most suitable drinks to celebrate the lovers’ day.
Love Notes, the new range of gift boxes, allows you to give personalized love messages to your soul mate, packaged with the ingredients to prepare your favorite cocktails. According to attitudes and behaviors, the brand of ready to share blends by NIO Cocktails split the couples into six categories. An original identikit to guide the choice and help transform the lovers’ day into a truly unforgettable night.

Sweet Love Box

Sweet like Chocolate. Enveloping like an excellent Rum-based cocktail. This is the love we celebrate with a perfect combination box for a perfect sweet and refined cheek to cheek. Here is the Majani box exceptionally for Valentine’s Day, with 2 NIO tumblers glasses as a gift.

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Nio Cocktails sweet love
Majani chcocolate and Rum for the Sweet Love Box

Experience Love Box

NIO’s exclusive Experience BOX is the ultimate solution to experience the Cocktail Revolution as a true professional. It includes everything you need for a unique tasting experience, to share with whoever you want. 6 Nio Cocktails, 2 tumblers and the perfect shape for ice mixology. 

NIO Cocktails Experience Box 3
The Experience Love Box

Romantic Love Box

They don’t show off their love, yet you see it in those  glances, in hints of understanding. The perfect Romantic Love Box includes Postcards from Venice, a tribute to the romance of Venice built around Select, an iconic Venetian aperitif, and 4 brand new cocktails. In addition, the Box contains NIO Cocktails x Portofino Dry Gin, 4 more signature cocktails mixed around the award-winning Italian Gin. A unique collection with 4 signature cocktails including bitters, sweet, fruity and citrus drinks and twist on classic.

Nio Cocktails romantic box
The Romantic Love Box

Strong Love Box

To take out the tension and keep up the passion that is celebrated on Valentine’s Day, the Strong Love Box is perfect. Thanks to the pillars of mixology aged in barrels (Negroni, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Boulevardier), it conveys embracing and mature notes for a tasting result so intense that it seems to be immersed in Hollywood films.

Discover Le Blanc, the champagne trunk for stylish picnic

Nio Cocktails strong love box
The Strong Love Box

Bitter-Sweet Love Box

For strong, lifelong love, the Bitter-Sweet Box is perfect. Here is a mix of 3 bitter-flavored cocktails and 3 sweet-flavored cocktails: opposites create a unique experience to be explored. Perfect ingredients for high-quality cocktails and an unforgettable night.

Nio Cocktails bitter sweet love
The Bitter-Sweet Love Box

Stylish Love Box

Trend-setters want to celebrate a stylish Valentine’s Day. Just for your Valentine’s Day, we have created an even richer version of the GQ Box: 4 exclusive cocktails doubled for a total of 8, 4 designer glasses, the sphere ice mold… 2 tumblers, all enclosed in the iconic Cube, perfect for a gift (for yourself too).
NIO Cocktails

Nio Cocktails stylish box
The Stylish Love Box

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

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