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Le Blanc, a champagne trunk

Ludovica Mascheroni created a trunk to celebrate special moments, made with the same attention to detail that the brand dedicates to all its creations.
The champagne trunk Le Blanc is a small casket of high and skilled craftsmanship made in Italy. It looks like a stylish suitcase, which hides inside unexpected wonders.

Le Blanc LM 1
Le Blanc, champagne trunk for picnic by Ludovica Mascheroni

Made of bleached oak, it is covered in leather. Corners, latch, handle, hinges, and bottle stopper are in palladium brass. The trunk features two storage compartments for champagne flutes, a stainless steel compartment for a bottle, with a thermo-insulating bag to keep it at temperature. It also includes a tray, two coasters, a leather under-bottle, and two linen napkins.

Le Blanc is the ultimate kit for an elegant tête-à-tête toast, the perfect Valentine’s day gift. It is available for purchase at the Ludovica Mascheroni boutique in Milan, or by contacting Ludovica Mascheroni.

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