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Art & art: Riva Aquarama and Romero Britto

A renowned artist for a signature motorboat

Bellini Nautica, the shipyard specializing in restoring vintage Riva boats, is back with a new project. The star is the Riva Aquarama, an icon of Italian nautical design and a symbol of Italian elegance. In the latest version, Romero Britto, an artist born in Brazil and raised in Miami, reinterprets the hull, painting it with a personalized pop style. Romero Britto stands out for his playful style and for his collaborations with the most prestigious brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Vodka Absolute and Disney, just to name a few.

Discover the vintage boat Riva Aquarama

The Riva Aquarama motorboat realized in collaboration with the Deodato Arte Gallery, is one of several customized versions created by Bellini Nautica shipyard, each year with a different artist. The shipyards’ activity, then, is not simply restoration and sales, but goes toward creating even more original and legendary boats. The project, therefore, combines art and design made in Italy, to enhance the beauty of two different but complementary worlds.

riva aquarama britto IMG 20220611 WA0018
riva aquarama britto IMG 20220611 WA0013
riva aquarama britto IMG 20220611 WA0014
riva aquarama britto IMG 20220611 WA0017
riva aquarama britto IMG 20220611 WA0012

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