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Artisanal Christmas cakes made in Italy

Panettone and pandoro from north to south

Tabiano Patisserie

Tabiano Pastry Shop, led by master pastry chef Claudio Gatti, established in 1988 in Tabiano Terme, offers a new version of its sweet focaccia. Panettone 2022 is a sweet focaccia with wild herbs and wildflowers (nettle, mallow, lemon balm, dandelion, chicory, valerian, chamomile, milk thistle and birch). The pastry contains only natural flavors and herbs with healing properties, to provide nourishment with wholesome ingredients.

panettone tabiano
The Tabiano panettone with wild herbs and wild flowers

Bonfissuto Patisserie

From the Bonfissuto pastry shop in Canicattì, in the province of Agrigento, Sicily, comes olive oil panettone. In addition to the traditional panettone with flavors of Sicily, extra virgin olive oil and lemons, Bonfissuto panettone offers a special version with an original packaging. Created by street artist Mart Signed, the packaging is painted with mixed media on canvas paper; a drawing of the Three Graces wraps a gianduia panettone with dark chocolate drops, zabaglione, and marsala cream.

panettone bonfissuto Street Art
Panettone Street Art by Bonfissuto

Lorenzetti Pastry Shop

Lorenzetti Pastry Shop, founded in 1970 in San Giovanni Lupatoto, is among the most renowned pastry shops in the Verona area. For the 2022 holiday season, Pasticceria Lorenzetti offers a selection of panettone and pandoro cakes, in classic or special versions. The pear and chocolate panettone is made with a traditional dough, with candied pears and dark chocolate chips, and is covered with a white chocolate glaze. 

panettone lorenzetti
Panettone by Lorenzetti

The Nadalin: the father of Pandoro
The Nadalin is a particular version of the most famous Pandoro, the Christmas cake created in the late 19th century by Domenico Melegatti. The Nadalin shares the same shape, an eight-pointed star, and is enriched with toasted almonds and pine nuts. Lorenzetti also offers a classic pandoro with only natural yeast. Naturally leavened for almost 50 hours, the cake features an exceptional softness.

pandoro lorenzetti
Pandoro by Lorenzetti


Pistì, the Bronte pistachio, offers several versions of the panettone. The panettone with candied cherry and chocolate icing has toppings of whole Sicilian pistachios. Or, again, the panettone with candied cherry, can have Modica chocolate chips and be topped with Modica chocolate. The three-chocolate panettone is filled with extra dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate and white chocolate, is covered with fine white chocolate, and garnished with chocolate balls. Still with the flavors of Sicily, the panettone with candied strawberry covered with 70% extra-dark chocolate and whole Sicilian pistachios. Finally, the panettone filled with Ciaculli mandarin cream is covered with white chocolate.

Discover Pistì, the authentic pistachio from Bronte

panettone 3 cioccolati pisti

Vincente Delicacies

Vincente Delicacies, founded by Nino Marino and Vincenzo Longhitano, is an artisanal pastry shop on the slopes of Mount Etna, right in Bronte, where PDO pistachios come from. Among the sweets for Christmas 2022 is the Cirasa panettone, named after the cherry, the main ingredient. Stuffed with candied cherries and chocolate chips from Modica, it is covered entirely with the same chocolate as the filling. On the other hand, Vivace panettone hosts a sweet heart composed of three different chocolates: extra dark chocolate 72%, milk chocolate 36% and white chocolate. Vivace is covered with fine white chocolate and decorated with mouth-watering chocolate balls.

The Cirasa panettone by Vincente Delicacies

Pastry Shop Chocolat 

For Christmas 2022, Cristiano Pirani’s pastry shop Chocolat, in Ferrara, offers a series of artisanal cakes with a long leavening time (more than 40 hours, which in some products reaches even 55), all prepared exclusively with sourdough, butter, and free-range eggs. First is the classic panettone, with artisanal candied orange and selected raisins. A light, crispy glaze with hints of almond and hazelnut covers the panettone. Chocolat also offers a boozy panettone with bombardino, with a dough with caramelized white chocolate chips accompanying the generous soaking of zabow liqueur. And finally, a panettone with an apricot, caramel and rum filling. In a limited edition, Chocolat also offers a pandoro with an artisanal, single-origin dark chocolate dough from Indonesia.

panettone chocolat ferrara
Panettone by Chocolat

Don Lisander’s panettone

And finally, the Milanese panettone could not be missed. Milanese, which is as Milanese as it gets, Don Lisander offers the classic Milanese panettone, with 100% natural leavening, for an authentic taste experience.

panettone don lisander
Panettone by Don Lisander, the typical Milanese panettone

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