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Bosch: another Renaissance

An exhibition dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch in Milan

Until March 12, 2023, Palazzo Reale, in Milan, presents an exhibition dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch, the Dutch visionary painter. Curated by Bernard Aikema, Fernando Checa Cremades and Claudio Salsi, the production is promoted by the City of Milan, Palazzo Reale and Castello Sforzesco, and realized by 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE. On the occasion of the exhibition, 24 Ore Cultura also published a book dedicated to the painter’s work, edited by Bernard Aikema and Fernando Checa Cremades.

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The masterpieces by Hieronymus Bosch include reproductions, paintings from his school and paintings by his followers: a total of around one hundred works, including paintings and objects. The artist boasts an extraordinary and unmistakable technique, learned from his grandfather and father and developed over time. His wafer-thin brushstrokes, which punctuate light strokes with incision and delicacy, combined with his profound irony, make each story a rich world of surprising and virtually infinite detail. The gift and privilege of creating in his unique way speak explicitly of his mastery of color (which he composed himself). A profoundly religious man, he was bound to tradition and the precise rhythms of everyday life, which made his work extremely methodical. Yet his revolutionary freedom of expression allowed him to range with an astonishing imagination, not only for his time. 

The polyphony of the choirs, which he listened to in church before crossing the small Dutch square and entering his studio, was expressed in the scenarios he invented. There he would observe the faces and morning dynamics of the market: people and animals, fruit and vegetables. Then came lunch: swans were the poultry of the day. 

For reasons of conservation, some of the Flemish painter’s original paintings will have to leave the exhibition before the end, to return to their original locations. (Assia Karaguiozova)

Bosch: another Renaissance
Milan, Palazzo Reale
Until March, 12, 2023

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bosch libro
The cover of the book

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