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Contemporary Art at Uffizi Galleries

Marya Kazoun’s stylized Nativity scene

The White Room of the Pitti Palace hosts Marya Kazoun’s stylized Nativity scene, through January 29, 2023. Opened on December 15, with an introduction by Uffizi Galleries Director Eike Schmidt and Umberto Croppi, Director of Federculture, the ‘First Act’ installation conveys the message of rebirth through the idea of a world free of pollution. 

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The Three Kings bring clean energy, represented by wind turbines, and the wind symbolizes the new breath of the Planet. The artist creates a parallel between the ancient biblical disaster and the current ecological situation. The sculptures were hand-sewn from fabric and absorbent cotton, while the locusts (in the guise of the lurking menace), were made from Murano glass by Berengo Studio. Marya Kazoun, a Lebanese-Canadian artist, ranges between installations and performances, often site-specific narratives. (Assia Karaguiozova)

Marya Kazoun presepe 1
Marya Kazoun presepe 3
Marya Kazoun presepe 2
Marya Kazoun presepe 4

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