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La Montina

The ultimate Franciacorta

There are places in which you can feel vibrations, where family stories, love for the land, work committment, food, art and nature come together to create the perfect ground for the wine cultivation and production, under the “Franciacorta” controlled and guaranteed designation of origin  (DOCG). In Monticelli Brusati, in the province of Brescia, very close from Lake Iseo, in 1987, was founded the winery La Montina by Vittorio, Gian Carlo and Alberto Bozza, three brothers who have always had a passion for the land, for the territory and for oenology, since the time when their father Fioravante Antonio worked. The wine cellar, excavated in the hill, holds almost 400,000 bottles per year year and preserves the ancient art of soft pressing using Marmonier Vertical Press for an ultimate Franciacorta wine.  This type of mechanical press takes advantage of the full width of the vessel which has a diameter of 3 metres but a height limited to only 120 cm, to reduce the outflow time of the must and yet achieve a very soft pressing without breaking the skins and with a yield of 35%-40% juice.  “We produce Franciacorta DOCG wine, with the so called “Metodo Classico”, the strictest in the world relating to the production of sparkling wine. These rigid guidelines are designed for absolute quality, each Franciacorta bottle has our mark. La Montina’s founding values are expressed in the care of the roots. The family’s and the plant’s ones. Hence life is born, hence our factory” – explains the General Manager Michele Bozza (son of Gian Carlo, one of the three founding partners). The estate includes the Wine Shop, Villa Baiana, the congress center and the first Contemporary Art Gallery in Franciacorta. Villa Baiana, a historic dwelling from 1620, surrounded by a park of centuries-old trees, welcomes its guests with a wide choice of refined menus, curated by chefs and pastry chefs. The estate combines art with the permanent exhibition of the works of the Milan artist Remo Bianco (Dergano, Milan 1922 – Milan 1988), one of the main characters of Italian art of the last century. The vineyards of La Montina are extended over an area of approximately 72 hectares, and produce wines that follow the strict rules of the Consorzio Vini Franciacorta, the most restrictive in the world for the “Metodo Classico”.

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