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Kartell Eyewear

The design that sees us

Kartell Eyewear, the project in which Kartell expresses its identity through an accessory that embodies both the corporate style and philosophy, has been enriched with new items that enclose the intrinsee style code, expressing it in contemporary and trendy shapes and colors. 

The new collection includes several models, among which Squame, a modern interpretation of the traditional horn and the turtle shell, transforming them into a new material. From every perspective, the light of the frame is refracted on a corner to make monochromaticity look contrasting.  The Robusta collection has simplier lines that enhance its character. These are bold, sculptural and colorful frames that feature customized details embedded in the structure and well marked lines carved into the edges which harmonize with the silhouette. The Lamina series has a new look in which two different but harmonious silhouettes merge to create a third, overlapping and resulting in multiple dimensions, depending on the light corner. In Inflatabubble the classic cut silhouettes have been blown up giving them a new level of size. The range also includes a Main Collection and a Design Collection, with both eyewear and sunglasses. Rodolfo Dordoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni and Fabio Novembre are the designers Kartell involved to interpret the Design Collection (opening) in which each of them has brought his own personal vision but fully respecting Kartell’s identity, using elements and materials which are part of the corporate industrial project.


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