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Villa Cipriani

The search of harmony

Located amidst Prosecco vineyards and Palladian villas, in Asolo, Veneto, Villa Cipriani is an amazing hideaway. When you enter in it you feel like crossing the boundary between two eras: outside the twilight of a medieval alley, inside the dazzling light of the Victorian era. Renaissance court of the Queen Catherine Cornaro, resting place of the divine Eleonora Duse, and adopted home of explorer Freya Stark: Asolo is profoundly feminine. Up to Sigrid Guillion Mangilli, a new pursuit of harmony is the spark that is bringing Villa Cipriani to life once again. Keen attention to detail can be seen in all the 28 rooms (including 6 suites), between the Villa and the Casa Giardino and in all the other parts of the house, from the well-finished  garden to the restaurant menu, from the hand-painted walls of some rooms, to the fabrics chosen for curtains and for lining the armchairs. The site  features both restored furnishings and fine ceramics and an infinity pool, the outdoor bistro and the beautiful spa that, together with many other contemporary items the owner wanted, reveal the new look of the Hotel Villa Cipriani.

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