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XTRA 014

We parted with a hymn to fantasy, hoping that it could inspire new and functional forms of creativity, considering the difficult moment that the whole world is facing. And now we are back with the hope that everyone shows more respect. Respect for people, for emotions and feelings, for nature and society. Therefore, we explore the companies and the personalities that are the champions of this attitude that each of us should have and maintain over time. On the cover, we highlight the work of Fabio Viale, who is able to tell everything through a work of art: balance between technique and poetry, material and tools, man and nature. We open our column dedicated to design with Artemide, a lighting company founded in the ’60s by Ernesto Gismondi, one of the most skilled entrepreneurs in the sector. The brand works under the tag line ‘The Human and Responsible Light’ and we take this opportunity to present ‘Gople’. Inside the clean and essential concept of the latest product that has been presented, you will immediately perceive the respect for the human eye, for nature, for the environment, for work. We also talk about respect for traditions and people, both employees and consumers, in the case of Fratelli Rossetti: to make each shoe over 150 steps are required, respecting years of artisan techniques that have been handed down through generations and make it possible to create unique pieces. A completely conscious production is that of Magdalena’s – Made in Tyrol, a natural, vegan, 100% cruelty free cosmetic line, made with no animal testing. A deep commitment to respect the territory in its entirety is shown by Cantine Ceretto cellars in terms of landscape, art, flavors. The architecture of the cellars in Alba dialogues with the surrounding vineyards; designers and artists from all over the world are periodically called to the Langhe for numerous projects, including the renovation of the Barolo chapel by LeWitt and Tremlett. I feel like concluding by quoting the words of Caroline Kenyon, Founder and Director of the World Food Best Photo Awards, of which you will see the winners on the next pages, linking our talks to everyone’s daily life: “The world is in the grip of Covid-19 and normal life, whatever that may be, has stopped for all of us. But photos such as these remind us of the ways and cultural habits that mean so much to us and bind us together.”

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