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Visual communication allows you to convey a message in the most effective way. In our publishing world, these are the characteristics that define how a product looks: from the choice of logo, fonts, texts and images, to the layout, up to the final appearance. It’s all about visual communication design, it’s about graphic design.
And it is exactly to graphics that this issue is dedicated. If you know the basic geometric figures and structures you can research, experiment and create new ones in design, illustration, photography, animation. Anyway, it is not just about creativity but also about productivity – consider, for example, manufacturing, textile printing, apps or even 3D printing. You process materials, shapes and colors, and the result is an expressive system that becomes a clear language, but can also be at times have more interpretations, which immediately attracts you – actually, to process an image you need a tenth of a second. This language quickly captures attention and communicates an emotion better than, for example, a text. Leafing through the pages of the magazine you will see it with your eyes.

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