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XTRA 017

Eggs, Joe Giacomet’s photograph that participated in the international Food Photographer of the Year competition, promoted by Pink Lady, embodies all the strength, energy, courage (and sometimes even recklessness) of those who are ready to face a new life. This is also the theme running through the columns of XTRA 17. Think of the new lighting by Flos that illuminates the Bourse de Commerce, which has now become the contemporary art museum of the Pinault Collection, in Paris, or of the historic La Samaritaine department store, which has just reopened, completely renovated, in the French capital as well. It is no longer the time to create something new from scratch; today’s challenge is to give life to something that already exists. Just as designer Andrea Zanola from Patchouli_Studio does: his professional commitment consists in taking advantage, for his creations, of the enormous quantity of materials that otherwise would be destroyed; therefore, every fiber of his garments comes from unused stock. New life for architecture and materials, inaugurations of clubs and restaurants and the start of collaborations such as the one that allowed for the creation of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 yacht, the protagonist of the cover. Are you ready to come out of your shell and face a new era?

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