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XTRA 016

Each issue of XTRA has a theme, a common thread connecting the contents of the magazine. I always like to share it with you in the editorial to give you the key. I always give hints, suggesting what to focus on, and then I let you explore the texts and images of the following pages. This time, however, it is different: art is involved. We wanted to explore its influence on everything that surrounds us and makes Italy exceptional: from design to food, from fashion to tourist destinations. I don’t feel like anticipating anything this time because art is finding yourself catapulted into a world without having even asked for it, art is getting to the bottom of it and finding answers you weren’t looking for, art is peering into your own soul. Whether it is painting, sculpture, music, dance, photography, it doesn’t matter… a work of art is a profound expression of the artist, and the feelings s/ he felt during the creation are not necessarily the same for those who experience it later… because the result can and must be interpreted, I dare say filtered by those who enjoy it. Far be it from me to suggest an interpretation this time and to interfere with such a complex and engaging journey. A private journey. May each of you enjoy it in your own way, which is the best possible way for yourself.

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