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Panorama Glass Lodge

Where the sky is

This unique location stems from the dream of a young family in Selfoss, in the south of Iceland, designed for a romantic getaway to the island of ice and fire. Thanks to the transparent roof, if you look up, you can admire the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, directly from your warm bed or from the hot tub. Everything respects nature and the environment: the materials used, the water coming from the nearby source and sustainable energy, to heat the pools. Glass Lodges are located in Hella (south of Iceland), 1 hour 40 minutes’ drive from Reykjavik. If the moonlight or sunlight are too strong, the lodge is equipped with curtains or eye masks. From the windows you can enjoy an amazing view of the Hekla volcano, the Icelandic plateaus and the river. On the terrace guests find a barbecue and a hammock to chill out in this dream-like place.

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