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Passion for the art of weaving

The Fabbrica Tessile Bossio was founded in Bocchigliero, in the province of Cosenza, in 1966 , and then moved to its current headquarters in Calopezzati. This company rests on the solid foundations of a family tradition handed down from generation to generation in a territorial context in which textile craftsmanship has always permeated the collective life of our villages. The art of weaving, for Grecanic countries in Calabria, has always had strong symbolic and social values, especially within the female universe, for which it represented an important moment of sharing and socialization. The natural yarns express a land where the crops of mulberry, flax, hemp and wild broom have characterized these landscapes and economies. The richness of this family and territorial heritage is contained in unique products , in which every detail is the subject of a care that only craftsmanship can provide. The passion for the traditional fibers and respect for nature has led to the creation of the SetiAmo, a line of cosmetic devices that includes gloves, natural silk disks and cocoons with very high sericin and fibroin bioavailability, with amazing properties for the care of skin and hair. Natural yarns can be processed purely or in mixed mode (linen/cotton – linen/broom – silk/cotton – silk/linen, etc.) while fabrics can be made raw, with a raw design, with natural dyes and with a pattern with natural dyes. This also allows to make weaves according to customers needs. The Hand In Hand project by Fendi represented a turning point within the company, which managed to introduce its products into the high fashion industry. Hand In Hand stems from Fendi’s desire to give a face and a voice to the craftsmen who invented “made in Italy”, in this perspective the Fabbrica Tessile Bossio was chosen to create a unique fabric of its kind in broom fiber and with it to create the iconic bag Baghette, 15 unique pieces for the luxury market. Also for the luxury sector, is also “Union”, involving the Fabbrica Tessile Bossio with fashion Designer Patrizia Crupi, already known in the High Fashion sector and featured on international magazines such as Book Moda and Debrett’s Femme.

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