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Patricia Urquiola and Max Mara: design and fashion

Habito is Weekend Max Mara’s new Signature Collection for Fall Winter A/W 2022/23, created with architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. This is the 10th Signature Collection, since the beginning of the project. 

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‘Habito’ in Spanish means both ‘habit’ and ‘to inhabit.’ Patricia Urquiola starts from here to design a collection of clothes that welcome just like a house, giving shape to an emotional habitat, which becomes part of one’s home. The key concept of the collection is the contamination between elements, which is expressed with an eye-catching mix of colors, textures, and even parts of the items themselves. So a simple shirt becomes a sweater-shirt, coats and quilted jackets blend together into a single outfit. The coats are the most significant part of the collection, as they best express Patricia Urquiola’s philosophy. Being personal reinterpretations of the classic Weekend Max Mara silhouettes, enveloping lines where the tradition of wool and knitted fabrics meets technical nylon, creating shiny, reflective effects.

Habito: Spanish design and colors

In a tribute to Patricia Urquiola’s origins, Habito also refers to traditional Spanish clothes, embodied through colored hems, volumes, and pleats. Color also plays a central role in the collection, skillfully used to highlight details or give a subtle effect to oversized blouses and sweaters. Accessories complete the collection with a restyling of the Chelsea boot in soft leather, with bangs on the front and a platform sole. Patricia Urquiola also revisited the iconic Pasticcino Bag in two variants: quilted fabric with vertical stitching and iridescent glows. The distinctive boules of the Pasticcino Bag have been further enlarged, to highlight the contemporary and distinct mood. (In the feature image: the setting for the presentation, at CC Tapis showroom, Milan, February 2022).

habito max mara urquiola 2
Patricia Urquiola wears the Habito collection, by Weekend Max Mara
habito max mara urquiola 1
The Habito collection

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